Criminal Record checks in Canada

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January 20, 2022

All about Criminal Record Checks in Canada

A criminal record check will determine if you have been charged or convicted of a crime. A name-based criminal record check doesn’t give a straightforward approach to affirming your character; you might be approached to provide fingerprints. The utilization of fingerprints is the most dependable method for establishing an individual’s personality. They guarantee that people can’t avoid their criminal past and prevent people from being mistakenly connected with a criminal record that isn’t theirs. It also includes the investigation and identification plus the local police record check. Keep in mind that the search conduct is done with the candidate’s consent and confirmed through any verification.

Types of criminal background checks

Criminal record check

A criminal record check will choose if an individual has been charged or sentenced for a crime. There are two ways to check if you have a criminal history:

    • Based on names criminal record checks

Done by names and dates of birth is a typical method for checking an individual’s criminal history. Based on characters, criminal record checks are finished checking against the RCMP’s Canadian Police Information Center (CPIC) framework. The name checks have shortcomings in confirming an individual’s personality because of spelling changes, lawful name changes, and intentional changing of names to keep away from a criminal history record.

    • Certified criminal record checks

When criminal record checks don’t give a positive approach to affirming an individual’s personality, you might be approached to provide fingerprints. A unique finger impression of the National Repository of Criminal Records is directed by RCMP’s Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services. Many individuals have fingerprints that can’t be handled electronically. The utilization of fingerprints for criminal record checks depends on informed consent. The fingerprints submitted to CURTIS for criminal record checks are used to affirm your personality.

Processing times

Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services refers to the processing time if done manually; it can match the criminal record. Many cases require time for clarification efforts which is 120 working days, but if no match is found, it’s done in 3 working days if only your fingerprints are submitted electronically.

Processing fees

A local federal fee is required to be submitted—a fee charged for local police in addition to the already set national fee. The federal processing fee is 25 Canadian dollars. The fee is waived off in some specific cases.

Reasons for the criminal record check

When hiring people, organizations are responsible for establishing a criminal record of their criminal background check, which is essential for the betterment of the organization. As organizations take responsibility for the criminal background, they can directly contact them for their record when anyone needs any investigation.

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Canadian imprisonment of any criminal in Canada can last up to 80 years. The information on the criminal record check records the findings of the criminals, including the youth criminal justice act and the Canadian criminal code. Access to the record is questioned as to why the description is required.

Did you know Police Checks is able to do Background Checks? Check out our FAQ Page for more information.

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