Types of Police criminal background checks

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pexels towfiqu barbhuiya 3440682 8693379
January 20, 2022

Learn about the types of police criminal background checks

A police record check, also commonly known as the background check, searches for an individual police record. Police record checks are often performed as part of any volunteering or employment screening process.

Types of record checks:

1)Criminal Record Check

A criminal record check is for the people who are employees, volunteers, or for immigration. This record check does not apply to vulnerable persons seeking employment or volunteering.

2)Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check

This check Includes Police Record Check Information; it is aimed at applicants who seek employment or volunteer with agencies that require a record check. This includes convictions, outstanding warrants, charges, and judicial orders.

3)Vulnerable Sector Check (Includes Police Record Check Information)

Vulnerable sector check is restricted to candidates looking for employment or volunteering in Canada. It is a collection of offense information, outstanding warrants, charges, convictions, and judicial orders. The management system of police record check suspension is authorized by the public safety and emergency preparedness ministry.

Where to apply?

Either you can apply online on the criminal record check online page where a credit card is required, and all advance payment is made. The applicants can choose the location they want the complete document to be picked up. The criminal Record Check Process is simple and can be done online or in person. Following will be the requirements when applying:

For Online
You need:

Payment Options:

  • The processing fee is CA $20.00, which Visa or MasterCard can pay.
  • The fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. Please ensure you have read and understood the full terms and conditions before the online application form.

Processing Time:

  • 7 to 10 business days, but may fluctuate due to volume and time of year


  • You can choose to pick up your completed letter from one of our designated locations:

For In-Person

You need:

Payment Options:

  • The processing fee is CA $20.00, which can be paid by Visa, MasterCard, or Interac Debit
  • The fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. Please ensure you have read and understood the full terms and conditions prior.

Location Options:

  • In person, applications must be at Toronto Police Headquarters, and note that applications cannot be made at Police Divisions.

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday to Friday, excluding holidays from 0700 to 1700 hours.

The following information will exist on the search:

  • Criminal convictions from CPIC or local databases.
  • Guilt under the youth criminal justice act within the applicable (for government only)
  • When identified, a summary of conviction for five years

What this check doesn’t include

  • Any outstanding entries like charges and warrants,
  • Any convictions under provincial statutes
  • Local police contact
  • Foreign information
  • Convictions where a record has been granted
  • Diversions
  • Absolute and conditional discharges
  • Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) information
  • Special Interest Police (SIP) category
  • Any reference to contagious diseases and incidents involving mental health contact
  • Family Court Restraining Orders
  • Ministry of Transportation information
  • Vulnerable Sector (VS) Query of sex offenders
  • Current judicial orders, including Peace Bonds and Probation and Prohibition orders under the Criminal Code

It costs $40.00 for five applications at one time per head, but the fee reduces for volunteers.

The total time required for a police record check depends on the volume of requests. If any fingerprints are required, the record check will be processed after fingerprints from RCMP. A volunteer letter is necessary for fingerprints and is only done by appointment.

In any case of uncertainty of what type of check is required, you can contact the agency requesting the review. The database is related to the restricted records, which are neither accessed nor searched in carrying out the checks. Results are sent directly to the applicants only by Police Reference Check without any information.

Would you like to get a Canadian Personal Background Check today? See our How it Works page for more details.

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