Police Information & Vulnerable Sector Checks

Police Information Vulnerable Sector Checks
Police Information Vulnerable Sector Checks
January 20, 2022

Police Information Check

A criminal record check determines whether you have been guilty of any crime or not. If no criminal record check is found, it does not have to provide a way of identification but can ask for fingerprints as it is the most accurate way to confirm an identity.

Process for information check is first submitted through an online application. Then, the police information section location offers to pay and go service where applicants pay and get the certificate within 7 to 10 business days.

A police information check will result in either no information or information to disclose the certificate. Here are a few detailed explanations of each type:

  • “No Information to Disclose Certificate” is only issued when the applicant has no criminal convictions. The result is only shared with the requesting organization if a third-party consent form is signed.
  • “Information to Disclose Certificate” is only issued when criminal convictions or police records are present behavior that might harm the third party. It is advised that the local police records are not laying criminal charges.

Information disclosed in Police Information Check.

Vulnerable Sector contains the following disclosures:

  • List of all criminal convictions obtained from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC).
  • List of all pending court appearances for both criminal and provincial offenses. This information is obtained from the province of Alberta justice database.
  • List of non-conviction locally held police records which is to demonstrate the pattern that results in harm to a vulnerable person.

Difference between a Police Information Check and a Criminal Record Check

A criminal record check obtained from a third-party provider also indicates the existence of a criminal record. A criminal record check will also not contain information related to upcoming court and provincial convictions.

Vulnerable Sector Police Information Check

Vulnerable Sector Checks are completed with the Requesting Agency as it is responsible for the well-being of disabled people, the elderly, or children. The police service verifies the position and meets the requirement. It involves a search of automated criminal record retrieval systems to identify the existence of sex offenses for the record.

Vulnerable Sector Checks include a search of local police records to determine the behavior of the vulnerable person who only completes positions in Canada. Applicants require fingerprints if they have a similar surname or gender. The person receiving the letter indicates the fingerprinting of vulnerable sector police information check.

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